The Advice Process

Client Discovery

Getting to know you is the initial stage of the advice process. The purpose of this stage is to assist in identifying and collecting your needs and objectives.

The initial appointment, as a part of the discovery phase, provides the opportunity to review all your personal and financial details. When then present you the services that you can expect to receive, explain the investment issues and set realistic expectations for a productive, long-term relationship.

Advice Preparation

We provide strategic advice to assist you in achieving your needs and objectives. This involves researching appropriate products, modelling your current and optimal financial scenarios, and developing a clear, concise and compliant Statement of Advice (SOA) outlining the recommendations, costs, risks and projected returns.

Advice Preparation

This stage allows us to demonstrate the value we can bring to the relationship by showing you how the recommended strategies outlined in the SOA will assist you in achieving your financial needs and objectives.


Once our advice has been presented to you and you are happy with the recommendations, it’s time to put the advice into practice. The key to successfully implementing the advice is ensuring that you are familiar with the process and reassured of the suitability of your investment choices.

Ongoing Review

To ensure you remain on track to achieving your financial needs and objectives, regular checkups in the planning process are essential. This also provides an opportunity to address your ongoing needs on a number of levels. It offers us the chance to consider and reassess any changes in your personal circumstances, as well as our attitude towards risk, needs and objectives.