Our Story

Create and Protect was originally started to cater for our mortgage management clients. As mortgage managers, we would always discuss their dreams, visions and inspirations – but we were limited in the scope of advice we could provide and we couldn’t help them enough.

We wanted to provide more support to people in terms of looking after their overall financial affairs. More often than not, we saw people going backwards. They either did not have a proper plan or strategy, or the execution of their plan was weak and unorganised. We would be frustrated trying to recommend financial planners that shared our passion and, too often, we were disappointed by the results.

We wanted to empower people to change their lives, and we realised that the only way we would be able to do it was by taking control of the financial planning process rather than referring them to another financial planner.

The results were rewarding. We were now able to help people that we had worked with for many years and started having a positive impact on their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

We held ongoing educational workshops and were amazed by how much people appreciated it. They would always bring family and friends. It reached the point where we needed to grow, and grow quickly, to accommodate the workload.

Create and Protect has attracted the best in the industry and partnered with one of the biggest licensees in Australia. We have engaged various professionals and market leaders to challenge us on improving our systems and push us to become the leaders we are now.

Create and Protect has been recognised for its commitment to professional excellence, quality advice, client service and innovation in business. We won the MLC Rapid Growth Business Award in 2014.

We now cater for all your financial needs. We help you reach your goals and build a safer future while enjoying the quality of life you desire.

“At Create and Protect, we believe that every person has the right to enjoy a high quality of life regardless of their financial situation. We pride ourselves in providing easy to understand and implement advice that’ll put you in charge of your financial future. We work with you throughout your journey to make what was once a dream become today’s reality.”


“The staff are very friendly and genuinely wish to provide us with the very best solutions to our financial position. They are honest and realistic and provide hope in areas where finances are strained. l feel well taken care of and able to get assistance whenever l need it. l feel like we are all part of a team working towards a good result for all of us. l greatly appreciate the extra effort they undertake to put us in contact with the right people for our circumstances. The financial plan for the future has resulted in a way forward, a feeling of being able to succeed and securing a stable future for our family. l also appreciated the Christmas card with movies tickets ! Thank you.”

– 2016 CoreData Survey