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Aged Care

For most people, growing older means there are times when it becomes difficult to manage regular day-to-day activities. When that time approaches, the emotional stress on family members, including spouses/partners or adult children, is compounded. Often times the need to go into care is out of our control.

What is the Australian Government's Obligation?

The Australian Government aims to ensure affordable, accessible and quality aged care is available to all older Australians when required. The level of care depends on your needs. It may be assistance with day-to-day tasks or extend to 24 hour nursing care.

How we can help you?

At Create and Protect, we are able to assist with the planning and financial calculations to ensure a smooth transition can occur to your preferred facility. There is no one size fits all solution, as each case will have its own unique qualities.Some of the common questions are:
»   My husband/wife is needing to go into care, how does this affect our Centrelink benefit?
»   Will we have to sell the family home or can it be retained and rented out?
»   How will we afford our preferred facility?

Any more questions?

Often when people meet with us, the decision to enter aged care has already been made by others. As a result, there may be a frantic rush to find the right place. If the need to enter care has been made by medical professionals, then you may have already visited certain facilities by the time you meet with us and have received information from them about the associated costs and how these can be paid.Our role is to assist you to examine the information and provide advice relating to the how, not about the where. We partner with you in a stressful time and assist you to make an informed decision regarding the care for your loved one.Create and Protect can assist you in understanding the types of services and fees that are associated with aged care. As part of our service we are also able to liaise with Centrelink on your behalf and assist you with the necessary paperwork, if required.