Risk Management and Insurance

Your financial plan should include an investment strategy and an insurance strategy. It should have a defence mechanism in place should something go wrong. At Create and Protect, we will research, tailor and implement a plan to suit your needs. We help manage your plans and policies and ensure it is always available when you need it.

Protect your income for life

“How can I make sure I don’t run out of money?” This is one of the most common questions retirees ask us. And it’s not surprising given you can expect to live a lot longer these days. In fact, a couple aged 60 have a 50% chance that one of them will be celebrating their 90th birthday.

At Create and Protect, we have a great new solution that makes sure you have enough retirement income, however long you live.

Talk to us today to find out how you can:

  • have confidence to invest in the market
  • get a minimum level of income each year, whatever happens in the market and however long you live; and
  • choose when you start receiving your income.

What will I be covered for?

Do I need insurance when I retire?

Many retirees would wonder "Why do I need insurance when I retire?" Here are some of the reasons why insurances are important for people who are about to retire.
»   Source of income – Life insurance can provide funds for dependants, even if you retire, and can replace the lost pension income stream for your spouse.
»   Pay your debts – Life insurance can make sure that debts are paid off so that your dependants would not have to bear the burden of your debts.
»   Leaving behind a legacy – Life insurance is a very efficient tool to use for estate planning and the equalisation of assets being left to dependants.