Aged Care Services

We prepare you with care.

Lay out a plan for the aged care that you will need during your twilight years.

Take care of your future self with aged care plans.

Whether to understand where you stand financially, how to regulate systematic bill payments, how to find the best for your parents, or how to make the best of pension allowances, Create & Protect Financial Planning advisers are here to help.

Aged care plans help explore the different options for care, understand the cost and the process to transition so that you are prepared when the time comes.

The transition to aged care can be very emotionally stressful for family members. This is where Create & Protect Financial planners come in. We make your transition to aged care as smooth as possible, regulate your bill payments, and deal with Centrelink details to maximize your pension entitlements.

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What is the average cost of aged care in Australia?

Aged care living is subsidised by the Australian government but individual prices are determined by income, assets and level of care the resident needs. Currently standard rates in Australia average from $30-50 a day with some care options costing more.


Will I have to sell my home to go into aged care?

Some residents moving into aged care choose to sell their home as they do not intend to use it again. Depending on current real estate climate, your assets and the level of care you require, selling your home to pay for aged care could be a feasible option. Our team at Create & Protect Financial Planning advises you on this to ensure that you are getting the best deal depending on your circumstances.


Is in-home care cheaper than nursing homes?

Choosing between nursing home and in-home care needs to be addressed on an individual basis as circumstances weigh heavily on price. There are many options to be discussed, not just limited to in-home care and nursing homes. How you choose to pay for either greatly affects long-term expenses.

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