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Transfer your business's values, goals and assets onto the next phase with detailed business succession plans.

Trying to figure out your exit strategies if anything is to happen to your business, yourself, business partners or any key person in your business?

Succession planning isn’t just about selling shares or handing them over; it’s also about insuring what happens if you or your business partners become handicapped, die, or decide to leave suddenly due to an unforeseen event.

Create & Protect Financial Planning ensures that you and your successors get the most out of your business. In most private organisations and family firms, succession planning entails preparing for the sale of the company or the transfer of control to other family members after one or more of the owners retire. Realizing assets, retirement planning, and estate preparation are all possibilities. A sound tax governance framework can assist in navigating the tax implications of succession planning..  

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Why do I need a business succession plan?

Businesses who don’t apply holistic, long-term views during these transformational stages miss out on opportunities and fail to capitalise on the true value of their business. Having an impartial third-party who is trained to analyse, strategise and forecast plans can ensure that these profits are collected.


What are the steps of business succession planning?

Great business succession planning adapts and changes to the unique needs of the business and therefore the steps are different each time. Our team identifies integral parts of the company, seeks to become fluent in the company’s vision, evaluates employee capabilities and develops succession and knowledge plans which are effectively liaised with all parties involved.


I’m not ready to sell my business. Is it too early for a succession plan?

It’s not just about selling or turning over shares when it comes to succession planning; it’s also about ensuring what happens if you or your business partners become disabled, die, or decide to depart suddenly. Our financial advisers will help you set up strategies to ensure peace of mind if anything were to happen to you, your business partners or any key person in your business.

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