Education Funding Services

Fund your child’s future intelligently.

Apply flexible funding plans that secure the education that your children deserve.

Aiming for the best educational experience for your children?

Establish an achievable funding strategy with Create & Protect Financial Planning education funding services. Our team creates customized plans that intricately manage tax implications, timeframes, spending capabilities, and much more.

We consider all personal circumstances individually to make sure you and your children get the most out your education funding plan. Some schools are more expensive than others and parents’ expectations vary, hence, education funding plans reduce the stress that elevated school or college tuitions can bring if they’re unplanned for.

Our structured education funding plans take the stress out of saving, by that helping you give your children the education they deserve and the future they were meant to have.

Curious to know more?

Get familiar with our education funding services by discovering additional information from our FAQ’s. 


Why is education funding important?

Much like with other budgeting and cash-flow initiatives, education funds are means to secure the type of education you want for your children. In finance, it’s always better to be prepared to ensure that anyone with any kind of spending ability has his/her financial ambitions met, according to plan.


How much should I save for my child’s education?

This is a highly personal question and will be subject to numerous factors. Do you have specific institutions in mind? Are you interested in enrolling your children in extracurricular activities? What is your saving capability, considering all expenses you are required to pay? These are all up for discussion with your Create & Protect adviser when building your personalised education funding plan.


What are the tax implications of an education fund?

Investing in education funds can help reduce your taxable income, thus making it a great way to save money and invest in the future of your children. Ask all of your questions to your Create & Protect adviser.

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