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Your investment strategy is your plan for making, holding and realising assets consistent with your investment objectives and future goals. It should set out why and how you’ve chosen to invest your retirement benefits in order to meet these goals.

Investing in real estate is considered an efficient way to accumulate wealth and build towards financial freedom. Done right, with the guidance of Create & Protect Financial planners, it’s a market that offers a high return on investment.

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What is the difference between direct and listed properties?

The major distinction between direct and listed properties is who owns the structure and who has access to it. When an investor is the actual owner of a structure, he or she has complete control over the majority of the property’s controllable components and is directly exposed to its risks. Listed property is a type of indirect property investment. An investor in listed property is not the owner of the structure, and their claim is restricted to their share of the property’s income, whether from rent or profits.


Is it better to invest in direct or listed properties?

It is important for investors to have both direct and listed property in their portfolio, if they can manage it. Those who cannot afford a physical property, on the other hand, can begin with listed properties. It’s also necessary to really understand the investment’s fundamental features, before completing the investment.  


What about the liquidity when investing in property?

Most experienced investors are aware that real estate assets are among the most illiquid, if not the most illiquid, investments in the market. Mainly in direct property there is frequently a waiting period between the time a property is put up for sale and the time it is actually sold, real estate properties are generally illiquid.

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