5 Side Hustles to Boost Your Income in 2019

Want to make some extra cash this upcoming year? Well we're glad to tell you that you've never had a bigger choice of side hustles to boost your income than you do in 2019.

The best news is, with a little research, practically anyone can find a way to make a little (or a lot of!) extra money outside of a full or part-time job. Check out these 5 side hustle ideas to boost your income this year.

Complete jobs (all kinds of jobs!) on Airtasker

No matter your age or skill set, there’s a job for you on Airtasker.

Airtasker is an Aussie peer-to-peer online marketplace that has exploded in popularity in recent years. The site allows anyone to outsource jobs they need to be done; from ironing clothes to writing CVs to photographing events.

If you’ve got a talent for assembling flat-pack IKEA furniture, you’ll do especially well! Common jobs posted are for help around the home but other categories include computers and IT, deliveries and removals and administrative tasks.

There’s also a Quirky category for jobs like handing out roses to strangers on valentines day or holding a picnic space so no one takes it!

Airtaskers earn anything from $5 to hundreds of dollars per job. According to the site, the top Airtaskers are pulling in up to $5,000 per month.

Rent out your space

Got a big garage space or carpark you don’t use? Spacer could put a few extra dollars in your wallet each month.

Space sharing platform, Spacer lets you hire out an unused garage, carpark or storage cage for people to store stuff and park cars. It’s free to join the platform and post a space to rent out.

As a rough pricing guide, the site claims a lock-up garage on average will rent for about $200-$300 a month, a spare bedroom about $150-$200 per month, an average shed about $100-$150 per month. Not bad for simply hiring out a space you’re not using anyway!

Outsource your admin skills as a virtual assistant

Are you in an office-based admin role? Put your skills to work online and earn some extra cash outside your 9-5 as a virtual assistant (VA).

The demand for virtual assistants is growing and many small business owners and entrepreneurs outsource administrative tasks to an assistant who supports them remotely.

These roles can be varied and fun! While many do focus on administrative tasks, they can also include helping clients with anything from bookkeeping, to social media management, tech support and, even design.

If you plan to provide your services around a full or part time job, choose the hours you’d like to work and establish these in the contract with the business.

If you’re not sure how to get started, check out sites like Freelancer.com which can help you find part-time to full-time VA opportunities, without the time cost and expenses of advertising and self-promotion.

Or, you can check this 2019 guide put together by Stay At Home Mum on how to get your start as a VA. According to the guide, the average hourly wage for an Aussie VA is $25.00.

Pet sit with Pawshake

Attention all animal lovers! Why not earn some extra cash taking care of someone else’s fur baby?

Pawshake is one of Australia’s leading sites for animal minding that pays you for pet sitting. It’s an ideal flexible side hustle that allows you to set your own availability and prices.

Premium pet insurance plus 24/7 support is available for pet sitters who, according to the Pawshake, can earn up to an extra $1500 per month. Ready to get started? Here’s some tips about what to put in your pet sitter profile description.

Write cover letters and CVs for job hunters

This can be one of the lucrative side hustles to boost your income, especially for HR professionals. In your spare time, why not use your experience in human resources to help job seekers land their ideal job! There’s always a market for this type of support and many people are willing to fork over good money if it means scoring the role of their dreams.

You can also provide a service to polish their LinkedIn profile which plays an important role in the job hunting these days. Recruiters and hiring managers are increasingly checking out the digital profile of candidates on all social channels.

Get a few runs on the board by offering your service to family and friends and build an initial portfolio of samples to show potential clients.

Hopefully, this article has given you a few ideas of side hustles to boost your income this year! It’s a great way to sock away extra cash for your emergency fund, investment portfolio or a trip to Bali!

Are you earning a second (or third!) income with a side hustle?