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We take the stress out of your transition to retirement. Will I have enough money? Do I need to sell my house? Am I eligible for the pension? How will I fund aged care? These are all questions that a Create & Protect Financial planner will gladly resolve for you.

By starting to plan early, we ensure you have a clear plan for how you can achieve the lifestyle you want in retirement. Expenses, tax-implications, determining time frames, accurate budgeting and risk tolerance are a few of the factors that are tackled when planning for retirement.

If you are planning to retire, you need to consider your age, when you can access your super and how much tax you will pay on amounts you receive. Special rules apply if you receive an employment termination payment, redundancy or payments from an early retirement scheme.


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What should a retirement plan include?

Retirement planning should be comprehensive to cover all bases. Expenses, tax-implications, determining time horizons, accurate budgeting and risk tolerance are some of the things that should be considered.


I am a long way from retirement. Is it still worth planning now?

The earlier the better. Many Australians underestimate the power that compounding interest has over a lifetime. What seems like a small amount now can make a huge difference when you retire. Retirement planning at a young age can seem like an overload, but it is the best thing you can do if you want to secure a high quality of living when you retire.


How much money do I need to retire?

This is subjective and depends on your lifestyle choices and expectations of retirement. Some individuals will be happy on a base-level pension while other Australians wish to go travelling and exploring.  

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