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Reduce financial stress and achieve long-term independence with superannuation management suited to your exact needs.

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At Create & Protect Financial Planning we can help you choose a super fund that is right for you, recommend a suitable investment strategy that aligns with your risk profile, and put you on track to a comfortable retirement.
Superannuation is not only a way to help you save and invest for retirement, it also provides tax benefits since super funds are taxed at 15%, which is lower than the marginal tax rates.
When it comes to superannuation, it’s important to start planning early on and to implement strategies that will reduce expenses, maximise returns, and grow your balance.

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I’m nearing the end of my career.Is it worth seeking superannuation advice now?

Your super is your future. The superannuation choices you make today will help shape your lifestyle during retirement. Reach out to us so that we can help you organise the nearing retirement as best as possible.


What are the benefits of superannuation services?

The most notable benefit of superannuation is collection of funds. After years of contributing, post-retirement is when you can finally begin to access your hard-earned super.


Am I allowed to access my super fund earlier than retirement?

You can generally only withdraw your super when you reach retirement. It is illegal to access super early without meeting a condition of release. 

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