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Unfortunately, the adage that nothing is certain except death and taxes is all too true. No matter what path your financial journey takes, whether it’s income tax or capital gains, paying tax at some point is unavoidable. That’s why it’s essential to plan to ensure that you maximise your return without optimising your tax liability.

If you are looking for an experienced tax accountant in Melbourne, we can help you. CREATE & PROTECT work jointly with our internal accounting partners to make sure that we are leading the market in tax planning. We liaise with CPA accounting firms whose tax consultants have wide experience and can offer meaningful solutions that best address your concerns. No matter how complex or critical an issue might be, our tax consultants possess the financial expertise to offer the best solution. From helping you maximise your tax return in Australia to enabling you to make tax effective investments, we can empower you to make the right decisions.

We ensure that your tax planning is tailored specifically for you and your long-term goals. In conjunction with a registered tax professional, we work to ensure your financial plan employs tax minimisation strategies that have the flexibility to adapt to your changing circumstances over the long term.


Purchasing Structures and their Impact on Tax

When buying investments, many people think the most important consideration is what to buy, however, their real decision should be about what tax structure to use when you purchase an investment to ensure your tax liability is managed over the long-term.

Purchasing structures can be an individual ownership, joint, a company or trust, or a Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF). Each of these structures has a different impact on your tax position, so it’s important to understand what the result may be before deciding between what to buy.

Whether you are looking for property tax specialists or need help with capital gains tax, we can assist you. For all your tax planning needs in Melbourne look no further. Our tax agents in Melbourne, are here to provide honest and effective solutions. 

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